Bedford CF Org
Furthering interest in the preservation, history and active use of the Bedford CF
Welcome to Bedford CF Org

The club is open to all those interested in the Bedford CF and Opel Blitz produced between 1969 and 1987 by Vauxhall Motors Ltd. as the 97000 series van and variants.

The club is as much about its members as the Bedford CF in all its forms with being founded on democratic principles and managed by volunteers according to the needs and wishes of members.

Perhaps just keeping in touch with how the Bedford CF continues to survive has its own appeal.

For some going to Bedford CF Org events and family atmosphere of the club may be what interests them.

Some may be interested in a particular type of Bedford CF such as motor home, custom van, ice cream van etc.

Others may simply need help in keeping their Bedford CF on the road at least cost.

As long as there's a Bedford CF involved it doesn't matter: all are welcome.

Meanwhile there's a lot for free available via the forum, from advice on basics through to a growing library of general maintenance, step-by-step Howto and technical information, or simply where to find parts, so if you're in a hurry for answers then that's where to go first.